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A legal and registered  Hawaii Vacation Rental

Transient Accommodation License N °: TA-128-212-5824-01  

VolcanoHouse.com Vacation Rental is NOT affiliated with the Volcano House Hotel in any ways.

The Volcano cottage is located about .5 mile from the entry to the Volcanoes National Park.

The park is open 24 X 7.

The cottage is private, homey and spacious.

Private  parking and Wifi is included.

The kitchen is very well equipped and capable of creating gourmet meals.

There are five very nice restaurants in Volcano Village as well.



The cottage is located in the rain forest at the 4,000 ft. elevation.

It is built with comfort in mind.

For great air quality, it is equipped with 3 carbon/hepa filters as well as two dehumidifiers that keep the humidity very controlled and the air very clean.

The beds are super comfortable sporting heavyweight Flannel Sheets and memory foam toppers.

Both beds are equipped with heated mattress pads.

Fresh and heavy terry cloth robes are provided as well.

There is a safe and easy to operate electric fireplace and heater located in the living room.

 INSIDE the cottage is a NON SMOKING environment. (smoking is not a problem on the OUTSIDE deck area) High Speed WiFi & Ethernet internet access are provided.  Both bedrooms and the Living Room have internet enabled televisions offering guests Netflix, Music & Web Access.( 3 total)  A private open air deck outfitted with Lounge chairs is nestled under the canopy of the secluded rainforest of Hapu'u Tree Ferns, Magnolia, Camellia and a host of other native plants amidst the sounds of songbirds and at times our Native I'o hawks soaring overhead.  The cottage is vintage 1940's Hawaii and has been endowed with an eclectic, creative blend of materials in a Victorian / Deco manner.

Located in the original historic section of Volcano Village, the cottage is about one mile from the entry to Volcanoes National Park.

One could easily spend two full days exploring this very large park and still not see it all. 

 The cottage is well stocked with many quality Ravensburg Jig Saw puzzles as well as many family oriented word and card games for fun evenings at home.

There is also a large and diverse island oriented library of many books on Big Island, Hiking, Birds, Fishes, Shells and Tropical Flowers.

The Kitchen area is extremely well appointed and it is entirely possible to produce home cooked or baked gourmet dishes if one is inclined. The Kitchen is equipped with a wonderful KitchenAid Mixer.

There is a complete diverse assortment of Corning Amber Vision cookware as well as the more traditional cast iron and ceramic ware. If you know how to cook or bake well, this kitchen will live up to your needs and abilities. There are fine Old English Bone China antique dishes, tea cups and such to serve your creations upon. There are also a wealth of specialty cook books in the cottage for inspiration. The ever ready & willing waffle maker with fixings & French Press coffee maker make easing into your Volcano mornings simple and pleasurable. Fresh whole coffee beans, a variety of teas, lots of fresh island spring / deep well water are always provided for guests.



  GRANDMAS HOUSE (with a few twists) 

Intimate, eclectic, at times eccentric, romantic and whimsical Upcountry Volcano Village Mountain Cottage. 

I treat my guests as I myself would hope to be treated while out in the world traveling. 

This is Your vacation and Your special time.  As your host at the cottage I want to make you feel comfortable , well kept and at home while for the most part remaining invisible unless requested.

 The cottage is Not a 'pack them in like sardines' rental to produce a maximum rental income. It has two bedrooms, a large living room, 1 1/2 bathrooms, a wonderful and well equipped kitchen and a private forest deck. There is room to roam and you won't be stepping over futons, pull out couches or tripping over your luggage or one another. The entire private cottage space is yours. The cottage has a maximum capacity for Four guests.  

 A bit of a step back in time, the cottage is adorned with a beautiful and interesting blend of Early American Folk & Impressionist Art, 19th c. photography, fine vintage floral and avian embroidery compositions and a wealth of other worldly curiosities from times past.

After exploring the Volcanoes National Park you can, at your will and leisure, come home ... plug into our tech saturated world to your hearts content OR be Bold and dare to opt out for a while and just enjoy the simpler pleasures of life that the lush mountain rain forest and its chattering, happy native bird inhabitants provide.

Clear star studded evenings and 24 X 7  Volcano Park viewing offer easily attained additional pleasures just minutes from the cottage.

 A creative, private and unusual mountain haven. The cottage offers 1200 square feet of quiet, room to roam open space with a high vaulted open living room clear story ceiling.  There is also a small water closet upstairs for convenient evening needs. This is a 1/2 Bathroom with toilet and sink.  The cottage is equipped with a Graco Pack 'n Play On the Go Travel Playard, Go Green with mattress, sheets and waterproof mattress pad, safety gates & electrical plug covers.